1-2 Blog: Final Project Review

I have chosen to use Nike for my final project company. I have done a couple projects/papers about them in the past and enjoy researching such an impressive company. I also really enjoy their products. I run and workout and golf in Nike products. My children wear Nike clothing. My four year old son is especially obsessed with his Nike pants. He asks to wear them every day and he probably could, as he owns so many pairs. The Nike products I own are well made, financially equivalent to their quality and fashionable. I do, however, think there’s a product they could launch. Maternity workout clothing.

Pregnant women are constantly fighting to find comfortable, affordable workout clothing. Some brands do already have workout clothing but, in my experience, aren’t as well made as the non-maternity clothing at Nike. If Nike were to produce a maternity clothing athletic/athleisure wear, pregnant and nursing moms would certainly purchase it.

My research objectives would be to understand what is currently available and what companies are making maternity clothing. I will need to explore what the current market for maternity clothing looks like and which specific clothing items would be the most lucrative to pursue. First, I would use primary research in the form of focus groups consisting of pregnant and nursing mothers who regularly work out. I would ask them where they purchase(d) their maternity clothing, the quality of said clothing and discuss whether or not they previously wore Nike workout clothing/gear before they were pregnant.  I would also attempt to visit another competitor’s location, seeking out information about the production of maternity workout clothing. What differences there are in manufacturing maternity clothing versus the manufacturing regular workout wear.

Next I would conduct extensive secondary research to understand what the most popular pieces of maternity workout clothing are, the costs associated with making them and the appropriate price point for the clothing based on current Nike prices and those of comparable products. I would research other similar companies like Under Armour, Reebok and Adidas to see what they offered for maternity clothing, if any. This would give me a better understanding of which companies would be competing with Nike’s new product specifically.

I believe that both primary and secondary research would be essential for the market research of this new product. Understanding what the consumer is looking for, which customers offer a comparable product and which don’t and the best way to begin production of Nike maternity clothing is the first step to fulfilling a need that Nike doesn’t currently meet.

I’m really looking forward to this project and learning more about market research.

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