1-2 Blog: Consumer Who? Consumer You!

I am, what my husband calls, a “marketer’s dream.” I fall for just about every ad campaign, sales strategy and marketing tactic you can think of. I’m the one who buys 3 of something I don’t need because it’s “3 for the price of 2!!” even though it isn’t a deal. I buy magazines I’ll never read because they’re at the checkout. I buy toys for my kids because they saw them on a commercial or a display at the store.

  • What type of consumer are you?

I would love to say that I am strictly a Need-Based Consumer, purchasing items and making buying decisions based on actual need, however I would probably fall more into the Loyal Consumer group or maybe even the Impulse Consumer group. I tend to stick with the brands I trust and promote them diligently. Once I am hooked on a brand/product, I rarely stray. And while there are those instances of impulse purchases and discount-based decisions, my everyday consumer behavior is very loyal to those companies and brands that I have chosen.

  • What influences your buying decisions, and how?

Some major influences for my buying decisions are my lifestyle choices. I choose to workout/run, therefore I need to purchase workout gear/clothes. While there are multiple options for this that will work, I usually stay loyal to the brand (Nike, in this case) that I have chosen. This decision is based off of experience with other brands. Likewise, my husband and I tend to patron the same restaurants out of bias over

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others we have tried in our area. The way we find out about these companies is usually through their marketing campaigns or word of mouth. I, personally, have a large group of friends who I constantly defer to for references for new places to eat/shop or new products to purchase. For instance, when my children were little, I was always asking other mom friends for advice on which bottles/diapers/etc. to use for them. Now, I can suggest one of those products that worked for me to other mothers as well. Marketing campaigns have a tremendous influence on my young children. When they see a large (well-placed) sign in a store, they immediately attach themselves to the product and repeatedly ask for it for birthdays/Christmas.


  • Which stage actually leads to your purchasing decisions?

The stage the leads to my purchasing decision is the information search. I tend to use reviews and experiences of others, along with comparisons to similar products, to make a decision about a purchase, especially for online purchases. I love it when I’m shopping on Amazon and there are hundreds of reviews (with pictures) for a product so I can see exactly how an article of clothing looks on a similar body type before I purchase it. “Most of us are not experts on everything around us. In the searching phase we research for products or services that can satisfy our needs or wants. Search Engines have become our primary research tool for answers. It is an instant and easy way to find out what you are looking for.” (Flekel, 2013) Thankfully this information is always available with a quick search on my phone, even if I’m at a store. Shopping*Blog2

  • When making a buying decision, how are you influenced by marketing research and marketing design?

As I said in my brief intro, I am highly influenced (though I hate to admit it) by marketing research and design. If it comes in a pretty package, I’ll immediately be drawn to it. I bought a eyeshadow pallette the other day at Sephora, that I knew I would rarely use, because it was shaped like a pineapple. Likewise, my children are influenced by ads tailored to their demographic during their favorite shows. There’s a reason why you see more Polygrip and Poise ads during The Price is Right than say Sophia the First episodes. 😉

  • Do you experience any post-purchase behavior?

I rarely feel buyers remorse. Sometimes I feel guilt over buying something for myself versus buying something for my kids. Or spending money frivolously and have tried to force myself to ask “do I need this? will I use this?” before I buy something outside of the realm of the necessary.




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