6-2 Blog: Marketing Perspective

One prominent influencer I follow is Kayla Itsines. She has her own fitness app and her Facebook page has over 18 million followers. While her Twitter and Instagram accounts don’t have quite as many followers, she has her own fitness program and like of fitness products.

Influencer marketing definitely plays a significant role in today’s social media marketing environment. Millennials spend countless hours a day on social  media and the utilization of influencers can bring brands to the forefront of digital media marketing.

The strategies they’re employing are developing a broader reach to new customers. Using an influencer allows for any person who is following the influencer to be reached through that person liking/sharing/commenting on the influencers page. These interactions are visible to anyone in their friends list. Thus making the reach exponentially larger. Another strategy would be the ability of the influencer to speak into the minds of the specific demographic. Like in the first example on the transcript, Logan Paul states “The biggest companies in the world and brands have come to me to help sell their product to the younger generation. And I speak the language of millennials, and they respond to my content.” By creating someone their target demographic can relate to, companies can use multiple influencers for different products/services for different target markets.

Influencers can make marketing very easy. Especially in an instance where the influencer would be a young person who has a lot of followers, the financial investment in using them as an influencer for their brand might be significantly lower than launching an entirely new marketing campaign. In our modern, technology centered world, digital marketing, especially marketing through social media sites, is the quickest and most effective way to reach millions of people almost instantly.

I think the use of marketing perspective impacts the relationship between the company and the consumer in the sense that it’s not a direct ploy to buy something. Companies can essentially market their brand or product to the consumer under the radar of direct consumer marketing tactics. The consumer might not even realize they’re being advertised to. Creating an almost subliminal message through a channel the consumer chose to be a part of and will continuously go back to.

In this day and age, influencers can be essential for a company’s immersion into a wide range of demographics with a message that their consumers can understand and relate to.

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