4-2 Blog: Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

I chose to use the Tale of the Tiger example for this blog post. I didn’t even open the other links after reading this one because it touched me so quickly. I had never heard this sweet story before. The author fully established an emotional connection for me, as a mother (whose child has lost a toy or two at a public place never to be seen again) and as someone who wants the companies I choose to give patronage to to be honest and raw when dealing with people. This story was able to touch a wide group of consumers on a level that is emotional and humorous and just straight up entertaining on all levels.

To social and consumer experience was clearly pushed in the direction of supporting the company. They’re saying that while they wouldn’t be able to do this for everyone who leaves a toy at their airport, they would strive to create this customer experience for everyone if they could. I feel this was done successfully as the response to this event was overwhelmingly positive. No one could really be upset or irritated about the decisions this employee chose to make regarding this toy and, ultimately, the family.

The digital media followers were given the ultimate opportunity to interact with the situation that the employee presented for this family. Any family with young children (or maybe even those who traveled as a child) can relate to how stressful it is to travel with them. To be able to look back on an incident that could have devastated their travel experience with a sentimental and endearing view probably changed that family’s outlook on vacations and up-ed their standard of customer service for every future interaction with an airport from there on out. I think the experience was felt by all of the digital media followers who could in any way relate to their family on a personal level, whether it’s traveling with children or just traveling in general.

After taking a look at Tampa International Airport’s website and their Facebook page, it’s clear that their value on their customer experience is huge. The most current post is a picture from customer photo contest showing children lounging on an airport shuttle. Other posts in their newsfeed scream family friendly, extraordinary customer service. Their posts rarely promote their business and almost always focus on a current social issue (like their post yesterday for National Wear Red Day for the American Heart Association), a local small business or sports team or an upcoming change in their customer experience. These social media moments they are creating on a regular basis promotes the overall value of the company as a whole. Their sweet story about the tiger is the mentality and customer service they strive to achieve through every post and interaction on Facebook, making their social media engagement extremely successful to their brand. The airport does have a mobile app, however, it costs $3.99 which might be the only downfall I can see in the overall review of the airport and its business dealings. Unless you specifically fly into and out of Tampa International Airport, purchasing the app seems a bit unnecessary. However, the app seems well made and user friendly from what I can tell without purchasing it. Yet another way Tampa International Airport caters so personally to it’s very valued customers.  Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 12.05.53 AM.png

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